If you are having trouble with Fiber Optics, Network Cabling, Access Control, Surveillance, or Telephone Systems give Fidelis a call and we would be happy to come out and take a look. When dealing with troubles in technology it is always best to leave it up to the professionals, and that is Fidelis. We will come out and assess the situation, and give you our best hypothesis. We will even go a step further than most and test our theory.

If it is a Networking Cable issue we can test your cables, and try to pinpoint the problem. Whether it is a bad cable, a bad jack, or a bad switch, we will not stop till we figure out the correct solution.

If it happens to be Access Control, we will take the time to consider the hardware and even go into your programming and see what issues are coming up. Many problems with Access Control can be handled by our amazing team of highly qualified technicians. With over 50 years of combined experience in the Electrified door hardware and Access Control fields, there aren’t many problems Fidelis can’t solve.

In Security Surveillance, Fidelis can maintain, update, and troubleshoot your video management system, or we can upgrade your system to one that includes a DVR system, network video system, video management software, and video analytics. Fidelis ensures by meeting with potential customers and existing clients to provide the best possible video solution. Based on the individual client’s security needs and concerns along with their budget.

If your phone system seems to be acting up, we can open your phone system and see what might be causing the interruption. Or maybe you are just wanting to dispose of your out of date phones, and bring in a newer model, or make a switch to a bigger brand, Fidelis will come in and make sure all your quality needs are met.

There are many problems that Fidelis has been asked to help with, so it is not surprising that our team has dealt with most types of issues with success. Here at Fidelis, we are dedicated to your customer satisfaction. Let Fidelis make your challenges our challenges, so we can overcome them together.

Let us help protect and connect your Houston business.