Fidelis designs, installs, tests and maintains fiber optic systems. Fiber optics sends information coded in a beam of light down a glass tube. A fiber optic cable is made up of incredibly thin strand of glass and can have as few as two strands and as much as several hundred. Each strand is less than a tenth as thick as a human hair. The reason people are switching to fiber-optics from regular copper cables are for three simple reasons. Less signal loss, no “crosstalk” from other cables, and a higher bandwidth, meaning it can carry more data further than traditional copper cables.

Computers used to connect over long distances by telephone lines. Now fiber-optics are becoming the increasing preferred method of networking computers because they are more affordable, secure, reliable, and have a much higher capacity.

Fiber-optic cables use light instead of electricity to transmit data, it uses a much higher frequency to connect. Fiber optic cable is made of glass and not metal, therefore it is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference like metal cables, this allows cable to flow over greater distances without interruption or energy loss. Fiber-optics is growing in a faster way than ever thought possible. Fidelis wants to be help launch you forward down this newer avenue. We will gladly sit down and help you plan your future in a way that keeps you moving at the speed of light. With literally hundreds of miles of fiber installed and tens of thousands of terminations, Fidelis has the design and implementation experience to assist you in the growth of your infrastructure for the future.

Let us help protect and connect your Houston business.