Access Control is the newest service added to Fidelis. Everyone knows the feeling of having to wait to be buzzed in somewhere. It is common whether it is at the doctor’s office, the bank, or even your child’s school for the facility to be secured, and only accessed by presenting a Credential, or being granted access remotely by the receptionist. This is an example of Access Control. Controlling access to a door or a facility. The door was modified with an electrified lock that allowed the door to open when a credential is presented, or access granted. Common components of an Access Control system include, card readers, keypads, retina scanners, bio-readers, electrified door hardware. All these components are tied into an Access Control panel and programmed via Access Control software to operated according to the customer’s needs and security concerns. Doors can be set up to stay open from 8am to 5pm. While others require exclusive access to the areas and a card reader not only lets the company know who gained access, they can even tell if they were alone, the time of day, and how long the door would remain unlocked. All activity of the doors is recorded in an event log within the Software for future use or reference.

Access Control has changed over the last ten years and it is only getting better. Companies are switching to Card Readers to let them know when an employee has arrived for the day, when they take a break, and when they leave at night. Ultimately taking the place of a punch clock.

If you have an area with sensitive information such as a Human Resources Department, or a Billing, then you can add a Bio-Reader, or fingerprint scanner along with motion sensors to not just tell who is trying to get in, but who is loitering around the area too. The bio-reader allows only those selected employees to enter, while keeping track of the time that they were in each department. Access Control can give an owner the peace of mind they have been looking for.

Still not enough? Then you should look into Cameras and Motion Sensors in our Video Surveillance area.

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