Video Surveillance was once thought to be something only the fortune 500 companies could afford, but with increasing technology and more companies creating Video Surveillance it is now more affordable than ever. Cameras have come a long way since their inception and now we are able to not only capture what is going on, but we can freeze frame, zoom in, zoom out, and even take video in the dark. It’s no surprise with the alarming increase in crime that you would want to protect your company and your employees. Fidelis now gives you that option with multiple brands, and competitive pricing. Grocery stores have used Fidelis extensively to help keep track of not only the customers, but also the employees they have working. Where you would only get a fuzzy picture a hundred yards away before, we are now able to zoom in and count the money with the cashier in real time, keeping everyone honest.

Some cameras work on motion sensors, and will not come on till there is movement, others are on all the time and can be hooked up to a DVR to record everything that goes on. Fidelis can install one camera, or a hundred cameras depending on what your needs are. We also offer Closed Circuit Television for companies looking to stay ahead. Closed Circuit Television or CCTV is where they system in which the video is transmitted in is closed including the camera, display monitors, and recording devices are all closed. Any camera that is broadcasting a signal can be attached to a CCTV system, whether is it wired or wireless.

Fidelis understands that not every system is for every customer. That is why we take the time to walk with you and listen to what it is your company needs, and then find a product that works best for your Company. Let Fidelis take the guess work out of buying cameras and monitoring equipment. It is surprising the amount of choices when it comes to Video Surveillance, so let us help you find the right connection.

Let us help protect and connect your Houston business.