What is Cloud Access Control?

An Access Control security system allows Houston business owners and property management to control and track who enters their building and when. Doors are modified with electronic locks that only open when presented with specific access credentials such as an access card, electronic key fob, or keypad code. Fidelis takes this service to the next level by integrating the latest cloud-based technology.

With Cloud Access Control, you get all the benefits of our access control security solution with the added convenience of remote cloud-based management. Streamline your Houston business operations with precise control over who can access what areas and when!

Benefits of Cloud-Based Access Control in Houston


Cloud-based Remote Access 24/7/365

Free up valuable server space by controlling access to your Houston property through the cloud. Enjoy the convenience remote access control from your computer or mobile device any time and anywhere.


Detailed recording & reporting

Cloud Access Control systems monitor all door activity around the clock with records compiled in an event log for your review. You'll easily have access to security information regarding who gained access, the time of day, how long the door was open, and more.


Increased security & efficiency

From your Cloud Access Control management system, you'll be able to control and monitor your employees' access, streamline visitor check-ins, and schedule door access remotely. Or if you prefer, you can set your door on a timed schedule and program it to your preferences.


Faster setup, installation, and management

Setting up Cloud Access Control for your door security is quick and easy. And with remote updates and patches, rest easy knowing your cloud access control system in Houston is always up to date and secure. If problems do arise, our support team is just a call away. Our technicians can remotely troubleshoot or come out to your location to resolve your issues with little downtime.


Saves TIME & money

Having a cloud access control system eliminates the need to hire on-site security personnel or security IT support. With our affordable operating costs and upfront system pricing, you'll save time and money while protecting your Houston business.

Houston Cloud Access Control with Fidelis

With over 50 years of combined experience in the security industry, Fidelis Cabling is your trusted provider for Electrified Door and Access Control security systems in Houston, TX. We are always working to bring the latest cabling and security technology to our clients and look forward to upgrading your systems with cloud-based access control. You can count on our amazing team of service technicians to work quickly and thoroughly to set up your Cloud Access Control and investigate any problems you may encounter.

Contact Fidelis today to take your company’s security to the next level with a Cloud Access Control system. Still not secure enough? Learn more about how we can add on to your Cloud Access Control with our Video Surveillance equipment and services.

Let us help protect and connect your Houston business.