The answer is very simple, a name is everything. As individuals, we work our whole lifetime trying to make a name for ourselves. We want to be known as a certain kind of person. When people hear our name it is synonymous for something, funny, good sense of humor, Godly man, grouch, etc.

Why the name Fidelis?

We get asked that question quite frequently. Fidelis is a Latin word meaning, FAITHFUL. We, the Fidelis Cabling and Communications, Incorporated family will strive everyday to live up to our name. Our hope is that when you hear the name Fidelis Cabling you will think of a company that has always treated you with honesty and integrity and provided products and services worth more than you paid.

Fidelis Cabling and Communications, Inc. servicing Houston Texas and the surrounding areas since January of 2000. With over 100 years experience working on your behalf, Fidelis has the knowledge base to tackle almost any problem encountered in the telecommunications field.

We aren’t your average cable guys. We have spent many late hours, carefully bringing down our customer’s network or telephone system for scheduled clean up of their cabling, rack, cabinet, or physically organizing, and optimizing networking equipment.

Our customers have confidence in Fidelis and leave the stress to us, usually when we do scheduled network or phone system cabling and equipment clean-up, it is after hours. Generally, we are there without the customer, they just ask us to lock up when we are done. Fidelis customers know that when they come in the next morning , not only will their data center, computer or phone room look like it should, but they have complete confidence that their network and/or phone system will be functional and working as it was designed.

Let us help protect and connect your Houston business.